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We modernize your dairy farms with the latest technology smart tags, milking control systems and herd management software. Cowmon products increase your farm efficiency and provides to monitor your farm from anywhere.

Smart Herd Management

Rumination Measurement

Smart tags sense the rumination and provide instant monitoring from Cowmon Management System (CMS).

Moving Measurement

Mobility and excessive mobility of the animal is dedected and monitored instantly from CMS.

Feeding Measurement

Feeding status and duration is measured and monitored from CMS instantly for each animal.

Resting Measurement

In addition to heat detection, CMS ensures to detect irregular mobilities caused by possible health problems.

Health Monitoring

The Health Index of each individual animal is calculated. CMS gives a warning when the index drops below the expected value. Also, group index is continuously recorded.

Heat Detection

CMS generates the accurate and early heat detection alarm by analysing the real time rumination, nutrition and movement index. It is monitored instantly from CMS.

Insemination Tracking

CMS helps you to improve accurate and correct breeding decisions for insemination timing. The applied sprema type is also recorded in CMS.

Provender Tracking

Individual  provender comsumption is calculated according to amounth of the total daily given dry matters. Individual consumption is also recorded in CMS.

Pregnancy Tracking

Pregnancy status is monitored with veterinary control screens in CMS where vets can enter pregnancy control results.

Birth Tracking

CMS provides the vets screen for pregnancy and birth results. All pregnacy cases and their results can be followed and reported..

Vaccine/Treatment Tracking

The type, amount of vaccines and the treatment method are monitored by using related CMS screens.

Group Routine

Feedings, mobility and ruminations are also followed as a group routines. CMS generates an alarm in case of an anomaly.

Archive Data

All data produced in CMS are recorded and archived. Time data collected on a customer basis is automatically indexed to be shown in reports.

Bussiness Analytics

An interactive report including comparison tables and graphs is created for the needs of users such as Farm Manager and Veterinary.

Check Lists

A checklist for animals that vets need to look at daily is created automatically. With the job tracking infrastructure, the user is supported to manage their duties.

Farm Indexes

In order to compare farms according to the efficiency and health parameters of international standards, time indicators are calculated and archived for the farm.

Easy Installation

Smart Farming System consists of smart tags attached to animals and communication antennas, it positioned according to farm size. It is sufficient to have only electrical infrastructure for communication antennas. There is no need for any components in the farm, such as unnecessary wiring, computers or servers, which are difficult to install and maintain.

Cloud Based Service

Services such as data collection, processing, recording and security are provided as a cloud-based service. With service membership, software updates and data archiving are done periodically from the management center by IT experts.

The system is established economically, quickly and easily, thus providing a unique added value to farm profitability.

We enabled users to easily access the system through any platform.

Our customers can easily connect to our web-based management consoles from the mobile / desktop platforms they use.

Please contact us to provide quickly and easily farm management system from anywhere accessed by the internet.

Smart Tag


  • Animal RF-ID Tag
  • Wireless Communication Infrastructure
  • 3-Axis High Precision Motion Detection
  • Easy-to-Attach Belt Strap
  • Ergonomic Design that Prevents Snagging
  • Smallest Tag Volume (120mm x 60mm x 25mm)
  • IP-68 Strong Protection Class for Tough Conditions
  • Long Battery Life (3 Years)
  • Replaceable Battery Design
  • Cloud Connection
  • Real Time Data Transmission
  • Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure
  • Tag Drop Alarm
  • Tag Incorrect Attachment Alarm
  • Tag Communication Problem Alarm



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